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JvCache Express - Free Java In-Memory Data Grid

Scale your Java applications with JvCache Express by removing database and data storage performance bottlenecks. JvCache Express is an in-memory distributed data grid for Java that is completely free. It includes the following benefits:

  • Distributed data grid across multiple cache servers
  • Dynamic clustering for 100% uptime
  • Cache replication for reliability

Distributed JSP Servlet Session Persistence

Persist your JSP Servlet Sessions in JvCache Express. It provides the following benefits:

  • Faster & more scalable than regular JSP Servlet persistence
  • No data loss due to session replication
  • Can be used without any programming effort

Hibernate Integration

Use JvCache Express with Hibernate as a second level cache provider. It has the following benefits:

  • Use as a distributed data grid for Java in multi-server configurations
  • Scale your Java applications by reducing load on the database
  • No programming effort required to use

JvCache Express Feature Limitations

JvCache Express is a totally free version of JvCache.  It has a limited feature set. It can be seamlessly upgraded to JvCache Professional or JvCache Enterprise. The limitations are as follows:

  • It can only be used in a 2 server environment
  • Only local clients or clients within the cache cluster are allowed. Basically , separate caching tiers are not supported
  • Replicated Cache is the only topology that is supported
  • Use as-is. Tech support is not provided for the free version

View a more detailed edition comparison between Express, Professional, and Enterprise versions of JvCache.

How to Quickly Use JvCache Express?

Here is how you can quickly benefit from JvCache Express:

  • Install JvCache Express: on one or two of your web/app servers (Windows or Unix)
  • Create a cache: through a configuration file and command-line tools
  • Cache application data: You will need to reference JvCache Express JAR files and then make API calls from within your Java application to the cache
  • Monitor performance in JMX/SNMP: You can monitor JvCache performance through a rich set of performance counters in JMX and SNMP