Your #1 Choice for AppFabric Migration - NCache

Our AppFabric Wrapper for NCache makes the process of migrating from AppFabric to NCache super fast! Full documentation available for NCache Wrapper as well as an AppFabric Migration Guide.

To start using NCache, a single line of code has been added to the sample on the right, with a comment on the previous line. The appropriate libraries need to be referred in the application, and the application will start using the NCache Wrapper in place of AppFabric.

Easiest AppFabric Migration Ever : Change Namespaces & Get Going!In-Memory Data Grid Architecture

Migration from AppFabric

NCache Offers More!

  • 100% Native .NET
  • Enterprise-proven product
  • Powerful GUI Admin tools
  • 25% more features than nearest competitor. See comparison below
  • Available for both cloud & on premises
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Certified


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Use It For Free!

If you are an existing AppFabric user download a free 30 day Install Key for NCache. Contact if you need help.

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