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August 01, 2013

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Josh Hamid
Director Marketing
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JvCache, In-Memory Data Grid, is a Java Implementation of NCache

San Ramon, California – August 1, 2013 – Alachisoft announced the immediate availability of JvCache, a 100 percent native Java implementation of its popular product NCache. JvCache is an extremely fast and scalable in-memory data grid and distributed cache for mission critical Java applications with real-time data access needs.

JvCache allows Java application developers to scale Java applications to extreme transaction processing (XTP). JvCache can be used to cache application data and reduce expensive database trips. Also, it can be used to persist JSP Servlet sessions in a reliable, but highly scalable cache with intelligent session replication. JvCache also provides runtime data sharing between Java to Java and .NET applications through its powerful events and continuous query features.

"JvCache was developed from the source code of NCache, industry’s leading .NET distributed cache. As a result, JvCache encompasses eight years of product maturity and stability of NCache in it. JvCache provides a much needed powerful Java distributed cache that is also easy to use. It provides a centralized GUI-based administration and monitoring. Plus, JvCache is very affordable." said Josh Hamid, Director Marketing at Alachisoft.

JvCache provides easy to use GUI based tools for cache administration and monitoring from a single location. Performance monitoring is also built into this tool that lets Java application developers to immediately see how their application is performing and how each server in the server-farm is contributing toward this performance.

JvCache is an elastic cache with a self-healing dynamic cache cluster. It also provides a rich set of caching topologies including Mirrored, Replicated, Partitioned, and Client Cache. JvCache also provides a considerable number of powerful features including cache synchronization with relational databases, data relationship management through cache dependency, read-through and write-through, Object Query Language-(OQL) based searching, and much more.

JvCache allows customers to give a serious boost to their application performance and scalability. It also improves reliability and availability of the application by using a highly dynamic cache cluster.

Pricing and Availability

Download a 60-day fully working trial of JvCache from here.

JvCache Express is totally free (not a trial). Pricing for the Professional Edition is available on Alachisoft website. For JvCache Enterprise, customers are requested to contact Alachisoft.

About Alachisoft

Alachisoft, a California based company, designs, develops, and markets NCache, JvCache, StorageEdge, and TierDeveloper. NCache, a distributed cache for .NET, allows customers to boost performance and scalability of their applications. StorageEdge allows customer to offload SharePoint BLOBs to outside storage. And, TierDeveloper is a free product that does object to relational (O/R) mapping and code generation for .NET. Visit our website at or send us an email at

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