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May 19, 2008

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NCache Express released, a FREE Distributed Cache for .NET Applications

San Ramon, California - May 19th, 2008 - After the successful release of NCache Enterprise 3.2 Alachisoft has announced the release of NCache Express 3.2, a FREE in-memory Distributed Object cache for .NET applications. "With NCache Express you can scale up your .NET application performance by caching frequently used data close-by and reduce your expensive database trips" said Iqbal Khan, President & Technology Evangelist at Alachisoft.

NCache Express provides InProc/OutProc Local cache and a Distributed cache. OutProc Local cache allows the .NET applications in the web farms to share a common Local cache. The Distributed cache allows the .NET application to share the cache in multi-server environment. The quality of Distributed cache is that it synchronizes all cache updates automatically across the servers.

NCache Express and Caching Application Block

NCache Express provides a seamless integration with CAB in Enterprise Library 4.0. You can now incorporate NCache Express into your CAB without any code change.

Integration with NHibernate

NCache Express completely supports the integration with NHibernate, an Open Source O/R Mapping Engine. You can incorporate the NCache Express into your NHibernate applications without any code change.

NCache Express is a limited feature edition that supports upto 2 server configurations. The Express provides Local Cache and a 2-node Replicated Cache topology. You can start using NCache Express and can move later to NCache Enterprise as your needs grow in future. NCache Express is totally FREE and is not a trial version.

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