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February 25, 2010

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Alachisoft releases StorageEdge: Performance & Scalability Solution for SharePoint

San Ramon, California - February 25, 2010 - Alachisoft the maker of the leading .NET distributed caching solution NCache today announced the release of its latest product called StorageEdge. StorageEdge is aimed at enhancing the performance and scalability of SharePoint applications. It fills the SharePoint performance gap through BLOB externalization and distributed caching.

Since its release, SharePoint has captured a huge market share in the field of business collaboration and workflow. Although numerous organizations across the globe are using SharePoint, they are facing performance issues especially during peak load. StorageEdge is geared towards alleviating these performance issues by providing an External BLOB Store (EBS). It is a highly responsive and efficient storage and migrates Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) out of database to reduce the size by 90%.

Under the hood, StorageEdge utilizes distributed caching to dramatically speed up SharePoint document sharing. Furthermore, by caching session-state objects, ASP.NET ViewState and Views of Webparts, accessing ASP.NET pages becomes much faster. Network bandwidth consumption also drops significantly. StorageEdge also minifies and combines multiple JavaScript and CSS files into a single file, resulting in reduced roundtrips and faster page loading.

StorageEdge has three editions each with a different feature-set meant for distinct market segments. It has an Express edition with basic features for startups and small offices using Windows SharePoint Services (WSS). The Standard edition of StorageEdge works with SharePoint Standard and includes the EBS, list caching and session caching, but excludes features like content optimization through View State caching and JavaScript minification, encryption and GZip compression of BLOBs. Lastly, the StorageEdge Enterprise is fully-featured and offers a complete package for optimizing SharePoint performance and scalability.

The Standard and the Enterprise editions come with a free 60 day trial period. StorageEdge can be downloaded from

Alachisoft is confident that StorageEdge, like other Alachisoft products, will also win the trust of developers and IT management as it has a lot to offer to the SharePoint community. Iqbal Khan, President & Technology Evangelist of Alachisoft, while commenting on the release said "I am very excited about StorageEdge release and am expecting great response from the industry. Despite its performance and scalability issues, SharePoint is a tremendous success, and our product StorageEdge can provide the perfect synergy to overcome its performance and scalability bottlenecks."

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