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Distributed Caching On The Path To Scalability
July 2009

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  1. MSDN Magazine - Distributed Caching On The Path To Scalability (Iqbal Khan)

  2. Latest Video: Overview of NCache Architecture

  3. NCache 3.6.2 Released

  4. Pre-recorded How to configure a 2-node Replicated Cache using NCache Express

MSDN Magazine - Distributed Caching On The Path To Scalability
By Iqbal Khan

If you're developing an ASP.NET application, Web services or a high-performance computing (HPC) application, you're likely to encounter major scalability issues as you try to scale and put more load on your application.

This article goes into detail on strategies for managing data relationships in the cache. It touches on managing many-to-one, one-to-one, and one-to-many relationships. It also discussed how to handle collections in the cache and maintain data integrity between a collection and its individual data elements.

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Latest Video: Overview of NCache Architecture

This video explains how distributed caching helps applications scale. It gives an overview of NCache architecture including clustering and caching topologies. It also provides some performance data on NCache.

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Upgrade to NCache 3.6.2 (release notes)

NCache 3.6.2 patch has been released. It contains some important bug fixes and minor improvements.

Please download your copy of NCache 3.6.2.

Click here to view the release notes.

Bug Fixes:

  1. IIS worker process high CPU consumption bug is fixed.
  2. Expiration problem that arises in around 20-30 days NCache usage is fixed.
  3. Client.ncconf is no more re-written on service startup.
  4. Grouping and tags information is preserved while read-thru the data from data source.


  1. Log traces are added for various new events
  2. Various improvements in polling based database dependency.
  3. Client.ncconf can be opened in notepad.
  4. Error messages are improved when service fails to start because of unavailable bind-to-ip addresses.

HOW TO: Configure 2-node Replicated Cache in NCache Express

Now you can easily configure NCache Express to use a 2-node Replicated Cache for storing sessions or objects in a cache. Replicated Cache provides you with failover support and reliability by replicating the data synchronously to the other server node in the cluster.

In case one of your cache servers goes down, the clients are automatically and instantaneously moved to the other server without any loss of data. Just make sure that the client applications using this cache are local to one of the nodes in the cluster. There is a four step simple procedure to configure a 2-node replicated cache cluster in NCache Express.

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