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Manage Data Relationships in Cache
June 2009

In this issue

1.    Featured Article: Managing Data Relationships in Cache (Iqbal Khan)

2.    Upgrade to NCache 3.6.1 (release notes)

3.    NHibernate 2.0.1 Integration Source

4.    Follow Alachisoft On Twitter

Featured Article: Managing Data Relationships in Cache
By Iqbal Khan distributed cache lets you greatly improve application performance and scalability. But, a cache is a simple hash-table interface whereas most data today is relational. This complicates issues about managing relationships among different data elements in the cache to preserve data integrity.

This article goes into detail on strategies for managing data relationships in the cache. It touches on managing many-to-one, one-to-one, and one-to-many relationships. It also discussed how to handle collections in the cache and maintain data integrity between a collection and its individual data elements.

Read the entire article at

Upgrade to NCache 3.6.1 (release notes) 3.6.1 patch has been released. It contains some important bug fixes and minor improvements.

Please download your copy of NCache 3.6.1

New Features:

1.    Now the NCache client connections are automatically rebalanced among the cluster nodes when a new node joins the cache. So now you do not have to worry any more about load balancing on cache servers.

2.    Added some new Counters for performance monitoring.

3.    Support for Stored-Procedures and Command Object in DB Dependency

Fixed Bugs:

1.    NCache Service consumes CPU at some fixed interval even there is no activity on the cache. This happens if a load test is running for long hours and then you stop the test and let all the items get expired from the cache. When the NCache is idle you'll notice 15 to 30% CPU usage after every clean interval. It is fixed.

2.    NCache service constantly consumes CPU if there is one item left in the cache with the SQL Yukon dependency and the dependency is triggered.

3.    Fixed the AVG counters AVG Add/sec, Update/sec, Remove/sec

4.    Memory leak and performance issue with LRU/LFU Fixed

5.    Bind to IP Dialog corrupts the display if there are more than 2 network cards.

6.    Memory issue in Replicated, Mirror and Partitioned Replica Fixed.

7.    Session expiration does not get reset in Session Store Provider (SSP) when a session is re-accessed Fixed.

NHibernate 2.0.1 Integration Source

NHibernate LogoNCache provides a second level or process level distributed cache for NHibernate. Now you can plug-in NCache Express to your existing NHibernate 2.0.1 application without any code change. Just change your NHibernate configuration file to plug-in NCache as your cache provider and you're all set to start using distributed caching with the new NHibernate 2.0.1.

Please download it from

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