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NCache 3.6 Released with Lower Prices
May 2009

In this issue

1.    NCache 3.6 Released with Lower Prices!

2.    NCache 3.6 Introduces Professional Edition

3.    Visit us at Tech-Ed in Los Angeles (May 11-14)

4.    TechNet Magazine: Providing Scalability for ASP.NET Application (Iqbal Khan)

NCache 3.6 Released with Lower Prices! are excited to announce the release of NCache 3.6, an in-memory distributed object cache for .NET. NCache also provides distributed ASP.NET Sessions for web farms. NCache lets you scale your .NET applications by providing an extremely fast in-memory data storage and reducing expensive database trips.

We have lowered NCache 3.6 prices. The old prices were $2500/CPU for client or server and $495/node for developer machines. The new Enterprise Edition prices are $1995/CPU for server and $795/CPU for client machines. Additionally, the new Professional Edition prices are even lower at $995/CPU for server and $395/CPU for client machines. And, developer licenses are FREE in both editions.

NCache 3.6 provides a number of exciting new features including:

1.    Cache item versioning for optimistic locking

2.    Tagging for arbitrary grouping and searching cached items

3.    Cache loader for preloading the cache upon startup

4.    Configure remote clients from NCache Manager

5.    Enterprise Library 4.1 and NHibernate 2.0 support

6.    Professional Edition

7.    Much more...

Read more about NCache 3.6 at

NCache 3.6 Introduces Professional Edition 3.6 has introduced a Professional Edition with 50% the price of the Enterprise Edition. Professional Edition is for you if your requirements are simpler and you want to pay less for them.

Some of the features that NCache Professional provides are Replicated Cache, Client Cache, ASP.NET Session State, Cachign Application Block, NHibernate, and more. See a full comparisong of Professional and Enterprise editions at

Visit us at Tech-Ed North America 2009 in Los Angeles (May 11-14) you're planning to attend Microsoft Tech-Ed North American 2009 in Los Angeles on May 11-14, please make a point to visit us. We are exhibiting there.

If you would like to arrange a detailed meeting with us in advance, please send an email to

TechNet Magazine: Providing Scalability for ASP.NET Application
By Iqbal Khan

June 2009 Issue popularity of ASP.NET, the Web application framework from Microsoft, continues to grow by leaps and bounds within the developer, enterprise, and IT ranks. There is one area of difficulty, however: scaling ASP.NET applications out of the box is simply not possible.



  • Scalability bottlenecks in ASP.NET applications

  • Session-state storage options

  • Available caching topologies

  • Necessary distributed cache features

Read the entire article at

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