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Case Study: Apex Learning says thanks to NCache!

December 2010

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Case Study:Apex Learning says thanks to NCache

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Apex Learning takes considerable pride in providing a high-quality, complete high school curriculum to districts and schools nationwide through online learning.

The company spends much of its time and effort on developing and improving its digital curriculum. Making sure these valuable online educational materials are available to teachers and students when they need them is equally as important.

Apex Learning scales to 25000 concurrent users with highly available web app; thanks to NCache. Learn more about the case study , click here.

Sample Code: Sharing sessions btw Classic ASP & ASP.Net


This article explains (and shows code) how you need to host session state in ASP.NET so that it can be called from classic ASP through COM+.

It also discusses and shows code on how you need to modify your classic ASP application to use this ASP.NET hosted session state through COM+.

To learn more about sharing sessions between Classic ASP & ASP.Net, click here.

TechNet Magazine: Optimize SharePoint with External Storage

By Iqbal Khan (Technology Evangelist)

Iqbal Khan

Every time you store another document in SharePoint, the database grows. As the database size grows beyond a certain threshold, it can become difficult to manage and degrades the performance of both SharePoint and SQL Server.

This problem can be solved by storing your millions of SharePoint documents externally which can boost both SharePoint and SQL Server performance. Read more

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