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NCachePoint for SharePoint Released

March 2010

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  1. NCachePoint for SharePoint Released!
  2. NCache 3.6.2 Service Pack 2 (SP2) Release - Download Now!
  3. Bi-Weekly Live Demos for NCache & NCachePoint - Sign Up!
  4. Redmond Magazine: SharePoint Demands Performance and Scalability
  5. Get NCachePoint Express for Free
  6. How To: Configure & use evictions in NCache

NCachePoint for SharePoint Released!

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Boost performance and scalability of your SharePoint (MOSS & WSS). NCachePoint dramatically reduces SharePoint database traffic through multiple techniques and boosts your SharePoint response times significantly even during peak loads.

- Reduce Database Size & Load with BLOB Externalization.
- Distributed Cache for BLOBs, Lists, & Session State.
- Cache View State & Minify JavaScript.

To learn more about NCachePoint, click here.

NCache 3.6.2 Service Pack 2 (SP2) Released

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Alachisoft has released NCache 3.6.2 Service Pack 2 that includes some important bug-fixes and a few enhancements in the area of cluster resilience and cluster monitoring.

Click here to view release notes. Please download your copy of NCache 3.6.2 SP2.

Bug Fixes

  1. Clients in rare situations hang under extreme stress.
  2. NCache service & Manager hang under rare situations.
  3. NCache stops expiring items due to WMI issue.
  4. More bugs fixed...


  1. Logging of important events to Windows Event Log.
  2. Oracle 11g supported.

Bi-Weekly Live Demos for NCache & NCachePoint


Alachisoft now offers bi-weekly live demos on NCache and NCachePoint (one hour) to cover architecture and features.

  • NCachePoint for SharePoint
    Thu, Mar 18, 2010, 12pm-1pm ET (5pm-6pm GMT) - Register

  • NCache
    Wed, Mar 24, 2010, 3pm-4pm GMT (10am-11am ET) - Register

  • NCachePoint for SharePoint
    Wed, Mar 31, 2010, 3pm-4pm GMT (10am-11am ET) - Register

Audio Options

  • Use computer speakers to listen (ask questions via webinar-chat)

  • Dial a local number in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, and Spain.

For complete schedules and personalized demo request, please click here.

Article: SharePoint Demands Performance and Scalability

By Iqbal Khan (Technology Evangelist) Logo

SharePoint has become an extremely popular Microsoft product. As is well known, it's a portal platform and provides a great number of needed applications for collaboration among different company groups or even between different companies. It also includes process management, document management and other major applications, all part of SharePoint's array of features.

It allows you to develop other applications, as well, either extensions of these applications or completely new applications in the SharePoint platform. The goal is to allow you to rapidly develop a new application without having to start everything from scratch.

However, this rapidly growing popularity has its flip side, and it's not encouraging. As increasing numbers of people use it, major performance and scalability bottlenecks start to occur. They revolve around the fact that SharePoint makes heavy use of the SQL Server database for everything it shows. This includes pages shown to users, including structured data or documents.

Click here to read the full article.

NCachePoint Express for SharePoint (WSS) is Free

You can also get a free edition of NCachePoint. It lets you externalize BLOB storage from the content database and gives you boosted SharePoint performance by employing different distributed caching techniques.

Remove performance bottlenecks and scale your Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) to handle extreme load without compromising response time. NCachePoint Express dramatically reduces load on WSS database through multiple techniques discussed below and allows you to scale your WSS endlessly.

NCachePoint Express is a FREE edition of NCachePoint. If you use NCachePoint Express, you always have the option of upgrading to NCachePoint Standard or Enterprise in a seamless manner.

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How To: Configure & use evictions in NCache

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A cache always has a limited size to which it can add objects to it. When a distributed cache reaches its maximum storage size with eviction turned on, a specified ratio of items start evicting from cache in order to create space for new objects. If cache reaches its maximum storage limit and eviction is turned off, items will neither be evicted nor added to the cache any further.

If you have deployed cache in a system where information transactions are occurring very frequently and you want to ensure every new piece of information gets space in cache then the eviction option in NCache should be turned on.

Turning on eviction:

You can enable Eviction Policy for both Clustered (Distributed) and Local Cache. Here is how you can turn on eviction from NCache Manager:

  • Launch NCache Manager
  • Click on the Policies tab (If tab pane is not there, double-click on the cache to show the tabs)
  • Set the eviction policy using the drop-down menus on the Policies tab

For complete guide/instructions and technical support, please click here.

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