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Feature Highlight: StorageEdge Legacy Doc Importer

April 2011

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Feature Highlight: Legacy Doc Importer for SharePoint


This is a feature of StorageEdge which focuses on legacy content that users can import in SharePoint without storing them in Datatbase first.

When legacy content is ported to SharePoint, the organizations are presented with a two-faceted problem, the import of legacy content into SharePoint and then its storage which is a nightmare.

To learn more about StorageEdge Legacy Doc Importer, click here

MSDN Magazine: Address Scalability issues with Dist. Caching

By Iqbal Khan (Technology Evangelist)

Iqbal Khan

A SOA application is usually deployed in a server farm in a load-balanced environment. The goal is to allow the application to handle as much load as you put on it.

What are some of the considerations you should have in mind for improving both performance and scalability of your SOA application?

SOA, by design, is intended to provide scalability, there are many issues you must address before you can truly achieve scalability. Read more

Video: Install & Configure StorageEdge on SP with RBS


The video shows Installation & Configuration of StorageEdge on SharePoint with RBS. Each step shown is very ellaborative.

  • Installation of StorageEdge on all WFE servers
  • Configuaration of the BLOB Store Database
  • Configuare and Enable RBS provider in StorageEdge

To watch the video, click here

Register for our Live Demos April 2011

live demos

Register now for our live demos of NCache and StorageEdge for this month. One hour demo will contain the product tour. Demo will contain:

  • Overview of the products
  • Product feature highlights
  • Questions & Answers and much more

To register for the demo, click here

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