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Clouds done Right!!!


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Redmondmag: Clouds Done Right

By Iqbal Khan (Technology Evangelist)

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The promises of cloud computing are alluring but can the cloud handle high transaction volume and high-traffic applications?

Cloud platforms might offer cost savings and other benefits, but they can also have costly bottleneck issues. Can distributed caching help you to remove these bottleneck issues?

To know answers and more, have a look at Iqbal Khan's article click here

Back from TechEd North America 2011 (May 16-19 Atlanta)


We just came back from TechEd 2011 North America and the trip was a major success. At TechEd, Microsoft introduces its new upcoming products as well as enhancements and upgrades to the existing ones.

Alachisoft exhibited its two products NCache (distributed caching solution) and StorageEdge (solution for SharePoint storage optimization).

NCache also got nominated for “The Best of TechEd 2011” in the category of software development. Thank you to all who came to our booth and attended the presentations.

Blog: Managing Data Relationships with Cache Dependency

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Distributed cache is becoming very popular because it is a powerful way to boost your application performance and scalability and handle extreme transaction load without slowing down.

Cache Dependency lets you create one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships in the distributed cache.

To know more about how cache dependency manages data relationships, click here

StorageEdge Blog: External vs. Remote BLOB Storage

StorageEdge logo

RBS or EBS, which one is better. It remains an argument. An RBS provider offloads all the BLOB content being pushed to SQL Server whereas an EBS Provider gives an opportunity to offload the BLOB and passes an ID to SharePoint to keep track of it.

To know more about the better choice between EBS and RBS, click here

Case Study: Moonpig performs great, thanks to NCache

MoonPig logo

NCache allows to maintain very crucial high-availability for their high traffic website by storing their ASP.NET sessions in a reliable and replicated cache storage.

"NCache is extremely quick and performance is fantastic. It allows us to avoid worrying about the ASP.Net session side of things. As far as the user experience is concerned, there's no discernable delay in loading sessions from NCache.” Read more

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