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NCache 3.8 SP4 released!

March 2011

In this issue

NCache 3.8 SP4 released - Download Now!


We are excited to announce the release of NCache 3.8 Service Pack 4 (SP4). It contains important bug fixes and enhancements that have been reported by customers. It is a recommended upgrade for all users of NCache 3.8 SP3.

NCache 3.8 SP4 provides number of new features like:

  • String sharing between Java and .NET (vice versa)

  • Next step after Java support in NCache is data sharing. Data sharing is made easy by using stings. Object sharing will be introduced in our next release.

  • SQLCacheDependency Custom Queue/Notification Service

  • NCache now allows you to choose either default mode (with default SQL notification and queue service) or custom mode where you can specify your own queue and notification service.

To learn more about NCache 3.8 Service Pack 4, click here

TechNet Mag:Improve SharePoint 2010 Performance with RBS

By Iqbal Khan (Technology Evangelist)

Iqbal Khan

There are two potential issues associated with SharePoint 2010. First is BLOB data and the second is reading and writing BLOBs, as well as other relational data. This can result in slow down and drop in SQL Server performance because it’s not the ideal place for storing BLOBs.

Solution to these issues is a product which externalizes BLOBs to reduce the SharePoint load without effecting performance. Read more

StorageEdge Feature Highlight: Bandwidth Throttling

StorageEdge Logo

Do you want to externalize the BLOBs but without impacting your users negatively?

StorageEdge handles this situation through a feature called Bandwidth Throttling that makes sure SharePoint performance remains good during BLOB externalization. It helps you to properly consume bandwidth when you have to do many activities.

To read more, click here

Register for our Live Demos Mar 2011

live demos

Register now for our live demos of NCache and StorageEdge for this month. One hour demo will contain the product tour. Demo will contain:

  • Overview of the products
  • Product feature highlights
  • Questions & Answers and much more

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