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Website Article: Improve JavaServer Pages Performance with Caching

Java Server pages (JSP) are becoming popular due to their platform independence. Java Server Pages help in maintaining complex, information-rich, dynamic web applications and extend the existing systems. This popularity resulted in heavy traffic web applications which later on faced bottleneck problems.

The response time gets slow and customers become unhappy from the performance too. Distributed cache can help you to resolve bottle neck issues in your JSPs and eventually improve the application's performance. Read more


Enterprise Magazine: How to Optimize Scalability for ASP.NET Web Applications

ASP.Net based web applications are growing as they support high transaction environment where thousands of users are active.

As these applications entertain such a huge audience, the extreme load can impact the response time of the application, resulting in bad performance.

To make the response time quicker and smooth, distributed caching can be a help. To know what distributed cache is and how it helps, Read more


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News & Events

Microsoft SharePoint Conference, Anaheim: Back from trip

Alachisoft is delighted to share its post event feedback for its participation at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference (SPC) 2011 in Anaheim, CA. (3rd to 6th Oct, 2011).

Alachisoft exhibited StorageEdge for the first time in a Microsoft SharePoint Conference. An application designed to optimize SharePoint Storage by externalizing BLOBs, archiving management, caching, and more.

Alachisoft also conducted a lucky draw of Toshiba Net Book for its respected visitors. To know more about the trip, click here.


How to tips


Tip: How to create a cache?

In this tip, we will learn simple steps to automate NCache cache creation process through a batch script. We will also learn to create cache, add a node and add a client node.

The scripts are important and powerful tools for administrators because they make it simple to install and configure software. NCache installation and configuration can be automated through batch and PowerShell scripts. It can help administrators to easily deploy NCache in production without making any errors which can occur while manual processing.

For more click here.



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