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European SharePoint Conference

After a gap of three years, SharePoint Conference is back in Europe. It will be held in Berlin (Germany) from 17th - 20th Oct 2011. This huge event will include more than 190 companies including Alachisoft. Alachisoft will be exhibiting StorageEdge first time in European SharePoint Conference. We will be on booth number 4.

StorageEdge optimizes SharePoint performance and storage. Its distinguished features help in externalizing Blobs and caching Blobs and lists. It also saves your storage cost by moving the externalized content to a cheaper storage.

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Backup & restore data in SharePoint - Order is the key

Taking backup of data is an important job of SharePoint administrator. Any kind of data loss is not affordable. Backup helps you keep the data safe but when SharePoint storage size grows, it results in decreased performance and backup will also run for longer time.

When resources are inefficiently used, there is a chance of data loss. If you want to save your valuable data then order is the key. StorageEdge provides you choice to backup and restore the data in SharePoint in a professional way. Read more

Search Cache with LINQ without code changes

Distributed caching is becoming popular among developers as it enhances performance and scalability of applications. As hash table interface is used by majority of distributed caches, reference to the data is in the form of keys and indexes. Once data is moved to cache and you have to fetch it, you should know index/keys referring to that data set. If you have huge amount of data, remembering so many keys will be very difficult.

NCache provides you LINQ which makes it easy to search data in a distributed cache. Have a look at how it works, click here


ROI Calculator for StorageEdge

We have introduced a new ROI calculator for StorageEdge on our website; a very effective utility to help existing customers measure the return on investement for all their ventures involving StroageEdge. If you are planning to buy StorageEdge please refer to this wonderful utility to evaluate how useful would StorageEdge be for your business.
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CRM: Basic tenets for Turbo-Charging CRM
Author: Iqbal Khan

Use of CRM systems is getting huge as it is the era of web technologies. This combination can suffocate CRM systems on peak loads and can cause bottleneck. To get rid of such problems and do more while spending less, you should focus on these three things:.

High availability – It is important to be "available all the time".

Quick response – You cannot make a customer wait for long due to slow system response time. Be concise when you talk. It increase cost effectiveness.

Scalability – If all of a sudden you face peak load, it should not affect the performance of your application.

Distributed caching provides you opportunity to hold all the three essentials to make your business boost. To know more about how it improves performance and scalability of CRM systems, click here

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