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AppFabric vs NCache : Feature Comparison

August 2012

In this issue

Alachisoft coming to Australia for TechEd 2012 !!!

TechEd Australia 2012 Alachisoft is super excited to participate in the TechEd Australia being held on September 11-14, 2012, in Broadbeach, Queensland Australia. And even more excited to present NCache, the leading distributed cache in the market improving .NET and Java application scalability and performance.

Iqbal Khan, Technology Evangelist at Alachisoft, will be landing in Australia for the first time to show to demonstrate to the Australian industries how NCache reduces expensive database trips resulting in enhanced performance and extended scalability, especially since these qualities are now core requirements for a reliable and efficient enterprise application. Visit our experts and learn various tips and tricks to remove application bottlenecks whilst levitating linear growth.

Alachisoft sincerely looks forward to seeing its valued customers at the event, as well as meeting new ones. Visit our booth to find out more and a chance to win a netbook.

AppFabric vs NCache : Feature Comparison

NCache Videos Logo Watch this video to learn how NCache is a better distributed cache provider than Appfabric. NCache has been in the industry for a longer duration and leads the industry with features not available with the competitors yet.

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CyberCom Group hails NCache !!!

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The Cybercom Group's client experiencing website challenges was a public government agency that helps Denmark citizens with their energy efficiency.

However, this Danish government agency customer faced a trio of distinct problematic areas with its website. These were difficulties maintaining sessions states, high availability, and scalability. In short, the database server in this instance did not scale for both sessions and applications.

Find out how CyberCom Group resolved Danish government agency's bottlenecks:

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Query a Distributed Cache with SQL-Like Aggregate Functions

NCache Blogs Logo Distributed cache offloads your database servers by serving cached data from in-memory store. In addition, few distributed caches also provide you SQL like query capability using which you can easily query your distributed cache the way you query your database i.e. "SELECT employee WHERE'New York'".

To find out how NCache provides this functionality, read more here

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