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NCache simplifies Java support with highly reliable solution for Java Session storage

NCache has implemented a custom session provider as a filter based on Java Servlet 2.3 specifcations and is supported on all platforms that are compatible including Windows and Unix with the web servers WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss, and/or Apache Tomcat.

This is provided with a no-code change option so you can easily plug-in the session provider with your existing Java Server Application (JSP application) and quickly test it with distributed cache (NCache).

  1. Install NCache: On your Java web server and two cache servers
  2. Create a cache: Through a GUI based NCache Manager tool
  3. Cache application data in NCache
  4. Make NCache API calls to store and fetch your Java objects from the cache
    • Reference “NCClient.jar” and "NCActivate.jar" files in your project.
    • Include "javaReg.Properties" file into the CLASSPATH of your project.
    • Use import com.alachisoft.ncache.web.caching.*; in your project.
  5. Monitor NCache performance: NCache performance can be monitored through a rich set of PerfMon counters.

Linked Page:

Improve JavaServer Pages Performance with Caching


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Using NCache as Hibernate Second Level Cache

Hibernate is an Object-Relational Mapping library for Java language which provides you mapping from Java classes to database table. This results in reduction of the overall development cycle. Due to its benefits, majority high transactional applications are developed using Hibernate.

These high traffic Hibernate applications are encountering a major scalability issue which can be solved by Java distributed cache, like NCache

NCache provides you hibernate second-level cache, which allows you to plug-in 3rd party distributed (out-proc) caching provider to cache object across sessions and servers. Read more

Speed up object serialization in Distributed Cache

Serialization transforms an object into a byte-stream so it can be moved out of a process either for persistence or to be sent to another process. The serialization mechanism provided by .NET framework has two major problems i.e. it is very bulky and very slow.

Use NCache Compact Serialization, to reduce serialized byte-stream and boost application performance without any code change. Read more



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