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Having Issues with ASP.NET Output Cache?

September 2012

In this issue

Thank You Australia!

TechEd Australia 2012 Alachisoft has finally added Australia to its list of the visited continents. The visit was long due and finally TechEd Australia 2012 became the raison d'etre for us to achieve this milestone.

The tradeshow took place between September 11th and 14th in Gold Coast, Australia. Alachisoft exhibited at booth 54, which was right across Microsoft's showcase booth. We presented our flagship distributed caching product NCache

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Distributed Cache with ASP.NET output cache

NCache Videos Logo ASP.NET Output Cache is a mechanism provided by Microsoft that allows you to keep an in memory copy of the rendered content of ASP.NET page. This improves your ASP.NET application scalability because otherwise the database would become a scalability bottleneck if all those ASP.NET pages were executed again and again.

ASP.NET versions earlier than ASP.NET 4.0 do not provide support of custom ASP.NET Output Cache providers. Therefore, to support all earlier versions of ASP.NET NCache has implemented another version of ASP.NET Output Cache provider using an HttpModule.

To find out how to solve this problem read more here.

Share Different Object Versions using Distributed Cache

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Organizations using different applications often need to share data with each other. You can do this through the database but that is slow and not scalable. What you really want is to share objects through a distributed cache that is fast and scalable. But, object sharing at runtime immediately raises the issue of version compatibility.

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Domain Objects Caching Pattern for .NET

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Caching greatly improves application performance because it reduces expensive trips to the database. But, if you want to use caching in your application, you must decide what to cache and where to put your caching code.

Domain Objects Caching Pattern attempts to provide a solution for domain object caching. The domain objects in this pattern are unaware of the classes that persist them or whether they're being cached or not, because the dependency is only one-way. This makes the domain object design much simpler and easier to understand. It also hides the caching and persistence code from other subsystems that are using the domain objects. This also works in distributed systems where only the domain objects are passed around.

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