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Risco Group turned to NCache to solve SaaS scalability issues!

February 2013

In this issue

Risco Group turned to NCache to solve SaaS scalability issues!

Risco Group Risco Group instituted a new business model by providing its customers software as a service (SaaS). Its SaaS is based on a steadily growing server site system.

Click here to find out how NCache provides stable, reliable and 24/7 service for their SaaS operation and server site software.

Data Search and Query made simple in NCache!

Download Now NCache (Distributed Cache) provides a number of efficient and intelligent mechanisms for searching the cache for all types of data stored in it. NCache allows you to search through a huge amount of data in a simple and quicker way without degrading the cache performance.

Click here to find out how.

Object Query Language for Distributed Cache

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You can only use primary key to find data in a relational database. This works fine in many situations but in a real life complex application your application often needs to find data based on attributes other than the primary key. And, since you're keeping a lot of your data in the cache, it would be very useful if you could search the cache in this manner as well.

NCache provides exactly such facility. Click here to find out how.

How to auto start NCache on windows startup?

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NCache can be configured to automatically start a cache on Windows startup.

Here is a simple two-step procedure.

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