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NCache 4.1 Service Pack 3 Released!

November 2013

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Alachisoft News: NCache 4.1 SP3 Released!

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Alachisoft have released Service Pack 3 of NCache version 4.1. This release includes important enhancements to features of NCache and major bug fixes to improve the stability of product. Some of the enhancements include operation retries added to object and session store provider cache, page-wise View State grouping of related pages, removal of start-up loader delay, cache generated event consumption by clients and many more.

You can read NCache release notes at the for complete details about latest improvements and bug fixes.

Case Study: NCache Delivers Enterprise Grade Assurance to Digital Spark

SPC 2013

Known as CaptureStroke, the software product Digital Spark created is targeted at revolutionizing the accepted methods of stroke patient care delivery and data collection. It is being used by thousands of clinicians. Therefore, Digital Spark's number one requirement was for its system to be constantly available. Secondly, they wanted the system to scale as per their requirements and needs. Digital Spark's technical team therefore used NCache as a second level cache for NHibernate. According to them, it is everything it was expected to be. Read through Digital Spark Case Study for complete details.

Article: Scalable WCF Applications Using Distributed Caching

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SOA is destined to become a standard way for developing extremely scalable applications, and cloud computing platforms like Windows Azure and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) represent a giant leap in moving SOA toward achieving this goal. SOA is primarily intended to achieve scalability and to sustain as much load as is thrown at it to achieve improved agility and enhanced productivity. Read more about scalable WCF applications using distributed caching.

Tip: NCache Performance Analysis and Monitoring using Counters

NCache Tip

NCache performance counters are very helpful to analyze application's performance. These counters can also help to identify any problem within NCache or the network where NCache is operating. Performance counters are also used to distinguish between different products' throughput, so it is very important to understand them correctly.

Here is a tip about how to analyze performance through NCache performance counters by Alachisoft Support.

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