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Memcached Wrapper for NCache

April 2014

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News: Meet Alachisoft Team at TechEd USA and JAX Germany

TechEd North America

JAX Germany

Alachisoft team is going to present NCache, industry leading .NET distributed caching product at the largest and most prestigious event arranged by Microsoft - TechEd North America in Houston. Alachisoft team is going to give an overview about how NCache reduces expensive database trips resulting in enhanced performance and extended scalability, especially since these qualities are now considered core requirements for a reliable and efficient enterprise application.

Alachisoft is also going to launch its latest in-memory data grid product, TayzGrid, at JAX Germany on 12th May, 2014. You can get in-depth knowledge of this product at Alachisoft booth. TayzGrid provides intelligent scalability and performance boost to enterprise applications by removing data storage bottlenecks.

Article: Memcached Wrapper for NCache

NCache Articles

Memcached is a popular in-memory distributed cache that is used to boost the performance of high traffic applications. Memcached however has various limitations in the areas of high availability, data replication, cache elasticity, and ease of management.The Memcached Wrapper for NCache provides two options for a no-code-change migration from Memcached to NCache. Read in detail about Memcached Wrapper for NCache at Alachisoft website

Blog: Why Distributed Cache as NHibernate Second Level Cache?

NCache Blogs

Many applications using NHibernate are high traffic in nature and therefore face scalability bottlenecks in the database. To solve this problem, NHibernate provides a caching infrastructure so that applications can use an in-memory cache store and database does not exhaust due to such high request load. Read a blog about using a distributed cache as NHibernate Second Level Cache in order to improve performance

Tip: How to Use CacheInitParams

NCache Tips

CacheInitParams is a class that facilitate the cache initialization overriding the default settings that are already set in client.ncconf file. Find a quick start guide by Alachisoft Support about CacheInitParams.

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