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NCache for 2014!

January 2014

In this issue

NCache for 2014!

NCache With the start of new year, we all are making plans on how to optimize our performance this year.

Take this quick survey to know what areas other NCache users are planning to target this year.

Maintaining Hospital Information System Performance

NCache Articles Hospitals are adopting web and service-oriented architecture (SOA) rapidly for their automated operations and allowing their administrative staffs, doctors and patients to directly access the hospital information system (HIS).
Download this Health Management Technology Magazine article to understand how distributed caching provides scalability that can relieve overloaded web server farms and re-invigorate listless systems.

Using ASP.NET Cache in Web Server Farms

NCache BLogs

ASP.NET has become a really popular technology for high traffic web applications development. These ASP.NET applications are deployed in load balanced web server farms to handle high traffic loads.

Read the full post to know what issues you can face while using ASP. NET Cache in web server farms.

How to Enable NCache Compression to Decrease Latency?

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Data size is an important factor in data transfer through the network. Larger the size of data, more time it will take to transfer from one node to another.
NCache provides the facility to compress large data objects in order to avoid network latency and hence, enhance performance of your applications. Read this tip from Alachisoft Support on how to enable data compression feature of NCache.

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