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Optimize ASP.NET Performance via View State Caching!

June 2014

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Webinar: Runtime Data Sharing through a Distributed Cache

NCache Webinars

Many organizations develop a combination of .NET and Java web and SOA applications. And, many of these applications need to share data with one another at run time. Often, they're all working on common business data that's stored in a database. Or, they might be dealing with continuous streams of data (for example, financial trading applications), and need to process it and share results with other applications, again all at run time.

Learn how to do runtime data sharing across multiple .NET to .NET and Java applications with the help of a distributed cache in Alachisoft webinars. Find the complete webinar schedule at Alachisoft website.

Optimizing ASP.NET Performance via View State Caching

NCache Articles

ASP.NET View State is a very powerful feature of ASP.NET that provides a client side state management mechanism. It helps preserve page and control values between complete round trips for client requests. ASP.NET View State does come with a few issues that you need to understand and resolve. Read an article about how to optimize ASP.NET View State Caching in order to achieve better performance in .NET applications.

ASP.NET Session Storage Issues in Web Farms

NCache Videos

ASP.NET Session storage in high transaction applications have multiple issues including data loss, performance and scalability limitations, single point of failure and other maintenance issues. Watch a video about the problems that arise while using ASP.NET Sessions in your applications and how they can be solved in a clustered environment.

How to Enable NCache API Logging

NCache Tips

Logging is an important tool that can be used to keep a record of all occurrences that take place in a distributed application along with their respective time stamps. NCache provides just such a facility that can be used to record API calls on the client side of the application in the form of log files. Read a tip about how to enable API Call Logging.

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