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ASP.NET Web Cache Spurs Performance & Scalability

August 2009

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  1. Technet Magazine - ASP.NET Web Cache Spurs Performance & Scalability
  2. Webinar: Scaling Up ASP.NET with Distributed Sessions
  3. NWebCache 1.0 Released
  4. How to configure ReadThru and WriteThru for NCache

TechNet Mag - ASP.NET Web Cache Spurs Performance & Scalability

Iqbal Khan

Technet Magazine

If you're developing an ASP.NET application, Web services or a high-performance computing (HPC) application, you're likely to encounter major scalability issues as you try to scale and put more load on your application. With an ASP.NET application, bottlenecks occur in two data stores. The first is the application data that resides in the database, and the other is ASP.NET session state data that is typically stored in one of three modes (InProc, StateServer, or SqlServer) provided by Microsoft. All three have major scalability issues.

Web services typically do not use session state, but they do have scalability bottlenecks when it comes to application data. Just like ASP.NET applications, Web services can be hosted in IIS and deployed in a Web farm for scalability.

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Webinar: Scaling Up ASP.NET with Distributed Sessions

Alachisoft Videos

Your web applications come under great stress when your website is experiencing peak loads. This webinar explains how to scale up applications to handle that stress using distributed sessions instead of the built in sessions storage capability.

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NWebCache 1.0 Released

Alachisoft announces NWebCache: A dynamic clustered content cache for ASP.NET

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After the resounding success of NCache - widely considered as the leading Distributed object and ASP.NET session caching solution for mission critical .NET applications - Alachisoft has added an ASP.NET Content Cache to its array of distributed caching products called NWebCache.

NWebCache caches the output of dynamic pages and keeps them synchronized with the database changes through database dependencies. NWebCache also provides session based content caching where it allows multiple sessions to share the same cached content or it caches content separately for each session. NWebCache caches almost all types of responses including ASP.NET output, ViewState, HTML, images, scripting files, PDFs etc. Any HTTP/HTTPS traffic that wants to connect to the web servers has to go through NWebCache servers that exist as a cluster of web cache proxies. This not only reduces the load on your web farm tremendously but it also makes ASP.NET applications faster, more reliable and scalable.

For a detailed list of product features please visit: NWebCache

Download NWebCache for a 60 day trial from here: Download NWebCache

HOW TO: Configure ReadThru and WriteThru for NCache

Alachisoft Support

NCache facilitates the way you synchronize your database with cache and keep the data consistent and reliable. NCache has various features to help you do this. Let's see how we can use the ReadThru, WriteThru and IsResyncExpired features of NCache using the sample program name "Directory" that comes with the installation of NCache.

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