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StorageEdge 3.0 Released!

January 2011

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StorageEdge 3.0 Released - Download Now!

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We are very excited to announce the release of StorageEdge 3.0 which brings many new features which optimize and manage storage. Here is a brief overview of what's new in StorageEdge 3.0:

  • Multi-Tier storage support
  • Multiple Storage Providers for SAN, NAS and Cloud
  • Organize Externalized BLOBs in Folder Structure
  • Bandwidth throttling for all types of jobs
  • Advance filters for BLOB transfer and much more


Case Study: Risco scores 600+ transactions/sec with NCache

Risco Group

"NCache is a critical component for preventing system performance degradation. In our case, it is a core component of our system."

Eli Brin
Program Manager,
Risco Group

To learn more about the case study, click here

NCache Article: Using read-thru & write-thru in dist cache

By Iqbal Khan (Technology Evangelist)

Iqbal Khan

With the explosion of extremely high transaction web apps, SOA, grid computing, and other server applications, data storage is unable to keep up.

The reason is data storage cannot keep adding more servers to scale out, unlike application architectures that are extremely scalable... Read more

Register for our Live Demos JAN 2011

live demos

Register now for our live demos of NCache and StorageEdge for this month. One hour demo will contain NCache Architecture and StorageEdge tour. Demo will contain:

  • Overview of the products
  • Quick hands-on product tour including graphical tools
  • Product feature highlights
  • EBS to RBS Conversion
  • Questions & Answers and much more

To register for the demo, click here

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