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Distributed Caching Makes Cents!!!

July 2011

In this issue

Retailers: Distributed Caching Makes Cents

By Iqbal Khan (Technology Evangelist)

Retailers logo

The old adage 'time is money' is especially true for today's retailers relying on their advanced information systems and server farms. As systems' response times increases, so does a retailer's productivity and revenue.

To know how distributed caching makes cents, have a look at Iqbal Khan's article click here

Case Study: NCache provided the right answers to MyMaze

MyMaze Logo

"With NCache, we are able to cache most of our data and give our customers an outstanding experience. Without NCache's OutProc service, we would not be able to cache the same amount of data and our page performance would not be as effective." Read more

Stian Strandli
Systems Architect,
Maze Feedback

Blog: Improve ASP.NET Performance with Dist. Caching

NCache logo

In this blog you will read that how a distributed cache like NCache can help you to improve your ASP.NET application's performance. NCache lets you cache application data and reduce database trips.

It also stores your ASP.NET Session State in a faster and more scalable store than InProc, State Server, and SQL Server storage options.

To know more about how it works, click here

Blog: Use SharePoint Storage Wisely - Externalize BLOBs

StorageEdge logo

Externalizing BLOBs from SharePoint is not a choice, it is a necessity. If you want the best use of your storage and you want SharePoint performance, externalize blobs.

Video: SharePoint Archiving with StorageEdge

Video Icon

This video is about SharePoint archiving with StorageEdge. The video illustrates:

  • Problems with SharePoint Archiving
  • StorageEdge solution for Archiving using Multi-Tier Storage
  • Reduce cost with Multi-Tiered Storage

To watch the video, click here

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