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NCache Newsletter

NCache 4.1 Released!!!

August 2011

In this issue

Product Release: NCache 4.1 for Java & .Net

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Alachisoft is pleased to announce the release of NCache 4.1. The version includes exciting advanced features to help our customers more.

Keeping the promise, NCache 4.1 has come up with new features for both .Net and Java users like; Support for Named Tags in .NET & Java, Bridge, Class Versioning in same platform and some other special features for Java & .Net separately.

Support for Continuous Query: NCache provides Continuous Query support for both .Net and Java clients. It notifies about the changes occurred in query result set like; updation, removal and addition. It is used in almost all types of applications including both client-based and server-based applications, because they provide the ability to very easily and efficiently maintain an up-to-date local copy of a specified distributed cached data set.

Bridge (Enhanced): It is particularly for multi-regional businesses. The basic purpose of bridge is to provide you disaster recovery in case a region falls. It performs an asynchronous replication of data from one region's cache to another region's disaster recovery cache(s) across the WAN. An enhanced bridge feature is introduced having support for multiple topologies like; active-active, active-passive and hub-pro.

Runtime Data Sharing between .Net and Java: With Runtime Data Sharing, you can share objects between .Net and Java editions. This sharing can be achieved through binary serialization which is faster than the traditional XML serialization.

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HMT: Maintaining HIS performance

By Iqbal Khan (Technology Evangelist)

HMT logo

As hospital information system (HIS) has facilitated the field of medical, the challenge to keep it smart is also there. No doubt HIS has helped users a lot in frequent data access but this freedom caused it to burden the application and almost chock it up due to random DB trips.

Distributed caching provides scalability that can relieve overloaded server farms and re-invigorate listless systems. , have a look at Iqbal Khan's article click here

StorageEdge Blog: SharePoint Backup and Recovery

StorageEdge logo

Often SharePoint administrators complain of accidental deletion of data by users and that valuable data have also been removed from the Recycle Bin. Although SharePoint facilitates you with its recovery tool,but it is not that helpful as it offers you just minor recovery.

StorageEdge provides you such a back up and recovery tool which overcomes weakness of SharePoint.

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