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NCache fully enabled to support Java platform: JSP Servlet, Hibernate, Spring, Java SE and EE

Alachisoft, makers of NCache, strengthened their support for Java platform and within past couple of months, have fully extended the Java API support for all Java applications. NCache can be used from any Java application including JSP Servlet, web services, Grid Computing applications, and any other server-type applications with high transactions. NCache Java client uses the same proprietary socket-level protocol to talk to the cache server that the .NET client does. So, the performance and scalability from Java is the same as .NET.

NCache fully supports Windows and Unix platforms for your Java applications, which you can run either on Windows or any of the leading flavors of Unix (Red hat, fedora, Ubuntu etc.) and still access NCache seamlessly. This is because NCache client API is 100% native Java and runs on any platform where Java runs.

Visit our Native Java Distributed Cache page to find out more or read our recent NCache blogs


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Scaling Java applications with distributed cache

NCache as a Java distributed cache improves your application performance because all the cache data is kept in the memory instead of disk which makes in-memory access faster.

Use NCache from any Java applications including JSP Servlets, Java web services and any other server type of Java applications with high transactional load. And, you can cache complex objects, JSP Sessions, Hibernate entities, Enterprise Java Beans, Spring objects and more.

Using NCache you can linearly scale your Java application and can boost application performance.

Using NCache in Spring Application

The Spring Framework is an open source application framework for the Java platform. Due to its high demand and popularity, many developers are using it in their small to enterprise level applications and eventually facing high traffic load.

Why not use a distributed cache to scale your Java Spring application? Java Spring applications face scalability issues that a Java distributed cache (NCache) can resolve. By using NCache, Spring cache provider you can scale your Spring applications linearly and can boost their performance.

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How to tip


Tip: How to configure EF Caching?

The Entity Framework supports the development of data-oriented software applications. When dealing with data, Entity Framework helps developers to create and maintain data-oriented applications with less code than in traditional applications while working at a higher level of abstraction.

NCache introduces the caching provider which acts between Entity Framework and the Data source. The main benefit of EF Caching provider is to reduce database trips and serve the query result from the cache. Provider also acts in between the ADO.NET entity framework and the original data source. This caching provider can be plugged and play without any code changes.

To learn about how to configure EF caching, click here.



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