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Scaling java and JSP apps with distributed caching

Java is the technology of choice for high-end enterprise applications. JSP and ASP.NET web applications have become the two standards for developing high traffic web applications and these applications scale very adequately. However data storage and data access is not consistent with the increasingly higher volume of transactions and eventually, becomes a bottleneck.

Therefore, incorporating a distributed cache like NCache for both data caching and session state storage is highly recommended. To learn more about:

  • Data Storage Bottlenecks
  • HTTP Session Persistence
  • Application Data Caching
  • Caching topologies and features
  • High Availability of distributed cache

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Data interoperability using distributed cache

Do you know how to use distributed cache, like NCache, for sharing data between .NET and Java without using extremely slow and resource hungry XML serialization?

XML serialization requires validation, parsing, transformations which really hamper the application performance and uses extra resources in term of memory and CPU.

Distributed cache, like NCache, by design improves application performance and scalability allowing by caching data hence reducing database trips. If transaction load on the application increases, XML manipulation eventually also becomes a performance bottleneck.

Read more to find a better way to do data sharing between .NET and Java applications at binary level with no XML transformations.

Event driven .net and java data sharing with distributed cache

Event notification is a popular mechanism used for communication in both .NET and Java applications. Events are everywhere from button click to asynchronous task completion, from SOA to web applications. Distributed cache like NCache can help you in not only data sharing across different platforms but also provides distributed event notifications framework.

In addition, NCache allows customized notifications which let applications trigger pre-specified events or get notifications, regardless of the platform in which they perform. These custom events provide a powerful language and platform-independent event propagation mechanism

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Tip: Configuring NCache In A Firewalled Environment

The core of a Distributed cache, like NCache, is its dynamic cache cluster which is formed based on our own implemented TCP/IP based socket Protocol. Therefore, in a firewalled environment, it is required that NCache ports are open to allow these communications.

To find out how and which ports to open, read this tip.



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