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Service Pack 1 (SP1) for NCache 4.1 COMING SOON !

Alachisoft, makers of NCache,is delighted to announce the upcoming release of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for NCache 4.1, mainly addressing clustering and state transfer issues along with other feature enrichments. This development within six months of the version 4.1 release confirms Alachisoft's commitment to eliminate the smallest of performance-enhancing barriers.

In this release, the Service Pack will resolve current issue under clustering by extending intelligence of its core capabilities to provide 100% uptime from clusters at runtime. Other improvements in this service pack includes:

  • State transfer
  • Support for generic types in Compact serialization
  • Minor bug fixtures

Above elements have been addressed to further stabilize NCache. Stay tuned for the SP1 release expected before April end. For more information about NCache 4.1, click here


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JSP Session Persistence and Replication with Distributed Cache

Session persistence has been a problem for quite some time now. Many solutions have been proposed and implemented but each and every one of them has its own shortcomings. Some have scalability bottlenecks while others have performance issues.

NCache has resolved this nuisance using distributed caching in a very clever and different way. Using NCache, you not only can eradicate the pain of handling session persistence but also enhance performance and scalability as cherry on the top.

Develop real time applications using distributed cache continuous query

In high traffic real time applications, the main challenge is to get notified about any changes in data set so that the corresponding views can be updated. They cannot rely on the traditional databases because making expensive database trips causes performance and scalability issues.

NCache Continuous Query provides you the flexibility to be notified separately on ADD, UPDATE, and DELETE. And, you can specify these events at runtime even after creating a Continuous Query, which SqlDependency does not allow. This reduces events traffic from the cache cluster to your real time application.Moreover, NCache is linearly scalable for your high traffic real time applications.

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Tip: How to share sessions between Classic ASP and ASP.NET applications using NCache Distributed cache?

NCache allows session sharing between your ASP.NET and classic ASP applications. This is achieved with the help of COM+, .NET interoperability classes and .NET framework. The classic ASP application makes use of a COM+ component (written in Visual Basic) to indirectly consume .NET sessions whereas the ASP.NET application uses it directly from distributed cache.

This also allows faster conversion of existing ASP applications into ASP.NET applications module by module and in incremental iterations while running the classic ASP and the converted ASP.NET portions of your web application side by side along with all the benefits of distributed cache.


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