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Using CLR Stored Procedures to Synchronize NCache with a Database!

April 2013

In this issue

NCache website now in German Language!

DevWeek NCache website now has a German Version!

Don't be afraid, it isn't a delayed April Fool Joke. If at any time you feel falling back to English Version, then simply click the Union Jack at the top right corner of the webpage and you'll be home, literally.

Check out the German Version, in the same bright interface you are accustomed to.

NCache as a NHibernate Level 2 Cache for Scalability

Download Now NHibernate is a very popular object-relational mapping engine for .NET. It speeds up your development by relieving you from developing a significant portion of relational data persistence code.

Click here to find out how you can get the best of both NCache and NHiberante.

Video DevWeek 2013, London

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Missed NCache at DevWeek 2013?

Here is the video to relive the memories!

Using CLR Stored Procedures to Synchronize NCache with a Database

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While SqlCacheDependency can keep the cache always synchronized with the database, it can; however becomes a very resource intensive way of synchronizing the cache with the database.

Click here to find out an alternate and resource efficient procedure to synchronize NCache with database.

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