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Use NCache Messaging for Runtime Data Sharing

August 2013

In this issue

NCache was displayed at TechEd Europe 2013!

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A team from Alachisoft including the Chief Evangelist - Iqbal Khan - attended TechEd Europe 2013 at Madrid, Spain, and displayed numerous features of its industry leading .NET distributed caching product NCache. NCache received very positive feedback due to its many features that give the ability to design custom solutions for different industry segments.

The event, hosted by Microsoft, was attended by more than 5,000 Developers and IT professionals from all over Europe and Middle East. For more information visit Alachisoft News and Events.

Use NCache Messaging for Runtime Data Sharing

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Asynchronous data sharing is a very important aspect for many applications which is done through message passing. Message queues provide sequenced messages and guarantee message delivery but they also have performance and scalability issues. Bus style messaging platform is fast and scalable and also provides producer/consumer style data sharing coordination.

Read through this article to find how NCache provides a simple and powerful bus style messaging capability.

How to Synchronize Distributed Cache with Oracle Database using OracleCacheDependency?


If your .NET applications are using Oracle database either on Windows or Unix and you need to synchronize your distributed cache with the database, then you can use Oracle Notification feature. As database can become performance bottleneck easily, therefore you need to manage all the dependency change notifications without implementing this explicitly in your application.

Read through this blog to find how NCache provides you with this facility using OracleCacheDependency.

How to Use Dynamic Compact Serialization?

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NCache provides extremely fast Dynamic Compact Serialization that required no code change on your part. It is process of producing a compact form of serialized object for performance improvement which results in faster network trips. A compact serialized file is compact in form of data and process.

Read this tip on how NCache generates serialization code at runtime once and uses it over and over again.

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