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Latest NCache provides .NET and Java Interoperability

March 2014

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News: Latest NCache Release provides .NET and Java Interoperability

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Alachisoft is pleased to announce the release of NCache version 4.3. This latest release introduces new features and important enhancements which are critical for enterprise level applications. The latest release also provides run time data sharing between multiple platforms. Java and .NET are completely compatible with each other, and Java Clients can be managed by the NCache Manager. Some enhancements in existing features have been done, such as Write-Through/Write-Behind, Group-by features in Queries, Graceful Node Stop, flexibility in Compact Serialization, etc. Visit Alachisoft website for details on these latest features in NCache.

Article: NCache Security and Encryption

NCache Articles

Data Security is an important consideration for Enterprise Applications. NCache provides powerful security and encryption features that help ensure that your cache is protected from unauthorized access and your sensitive application data is secured both in the cache store and also during the transmission over network between your application and the cache servers. Read an article about how NCache provides Security and Encryption feature.

Tip: How to Enable NCache Auto Load Balancing Feature

NCache Tips

The Auto Load Balancing feature of NCache distributes data symmetrically over the present nodes. Find Alachisoft Support tip about Data Auto Load Balancing

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