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Redis vs. NCache - Feature Comparison

January 2015

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News: Meet Alachisoft team at Microsoft TechDays France

TechDays France 2015

A team from Alachisoft will attend Microsoft TechDays in France starting 10 February, 2015. Iqbal Khan, Technology Evangelist at Alachisoft will lead the team and will discuss the latest features in NCache. Team will also present a live demonstration of the product. Find more information at TechDays France Website.

Product Comparison: Redis vs. NCache - Feature Comparison

NCache Comparisons

Redis is an open-source, in-memory key value store. Whereas NCache is an extremely fast and scalable open-source distributed cache for .NET applications. Read a detailed feature comparison - Redis vs. NCache..

Blog: AppFabric Alternative Open Source Distributed Cache

NCache Blogs

Today's applications need to scale and handle extreme data loads due to explosion of web technologies. There are many technologies available including Microsoft AppFabric for scaling .NET Applications. But, advanced solutions are also available. Read a blog about AppFabric alternative caching solution.

Tip: How to Build NCache Project from GitHub

NCache Tips

NCache is available as an Open Source Project on GitHub under Apache 2.0 License. Read a tip about how to build NCache from its source code.

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