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Redis vs. NCache!

March 2016

Redis vs NCache - A Detailed Feature Comparison


This comparison is between Redis v3.0.7 and NCache 4.6. It is a detailed feature by feature comparison of both products so you can see where each products excels over the other.

Some of the areas compared include: Performance & Scalability, Cache Elasticity (High Availability), Cache Topologies, Object Caching Features, Runtime Data Sharing, Security & Encryption, Big Data Processing & Analytics and a lot more.

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Blog: Is a .NET Distributed Cache Superior to Key Value Store?

NCache Blog


We analyse why any mission critical application benefits from using a distributed cache instead of a simple key value store. The blog also looks into how a distributed cache helps to save a lot of development time & resources and how it helps you manage your data.

Read the blog here

Live Webinar: Redis vs. NCache

Live Webinar


Attend our April 20th or 21st, 2016 Webinar on "Redis vs. NCache". This webinar includes a live demo and you can also ask questions and get immediate answers. Click here to register for the webinar

Customer Success Story: GROCERY OUTLET

Grocery Outlet


Based in Berkeley, California, Grocery Outlet is the largest 'extreme-value' store in US with presence in over 185 locations. They wanted to have on its internal intranet an instant search mechanism for over 200,000 of its items available to its stores. Their intranet search was very slow, actually not doable with ASP.NET's InProc. With NCache the search got them results in 0.2 seconds as compared to 2-3 seconds before. This was thanks to an SQL-like Object Query Language or OQL NCache provides and Microsoft's Language Integrated Query or LINQ for .NET-based applications.

Bryan McMaster, their Software Development Manager said "NCache is a key player in our strategy to modernize our intranet. I'm looking forward to the endless possibilities NCache offers".

Read the complete story here

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