European SharePoint Conference 2011 - Berlin, Germany

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Alachisoft [a LAˊ chi soft] is proud to be a participant and an exhibitor at the European SharePoint Conference last October. This is the largest independent SharePoint conference in Europe, designed to engage the SharePoint community including enthusiasts, industry experts, thought leaders, business decision makers and end users.

Returning to Europe after 3 years, SharePoint landmarked Berlin, Germany as the host city for the Conference from 17th to 20th of October, 2011. The event gathered a crowd of more than 200 companies and people from all over Germany and its neighboring countries including attendees from various career domains. (Table 1.1 below for reference)

Alachisoft exhibited for the first time in European SharePoint Conference educating and promoting their StorageEdge product with a booth as well as demos gathering audience interested in externalizing BLOBS, archiving management, Caching, and more.

StorageEdge team also conducted a raffle draw towards the end of the exhibition with a prize of a Toshiba Net Book, which was won by Laurent Schoenaers (Vortalities, Belgium). We congratulate Laurent on his prize and thank him and all attendees for their time and visits to the booth.

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Chart: European SharePoint Conference 2011 - Berlin