Ordering Using a Purchase Order

We accept purchase orders from government, educational institutions and Fortune 1000 companies. If you wish to buy products via purchase order, you must fax us your purchase order for our records. We accept all type of purchase orders from companies within US or International billing addresses. All others must prepay in US funds unless prior arrangements are made.

These are the minimum requirements for buying using a purchase order. Failure to supply the information we need will result in processing delays.

  • The purchase order MUST include:

    PO Number, date, company name, shipping and billing addresses, and a contact person name and telephone number. The purchase order must be signed by an authorized person. Please double-check product pricing online or contact us prior to issuing the purchase order.

Terms are due upon receipt for all purchase orders. We provide free technical support during the evaluation period as well. Please fax your purchase order and a printable order form to:


231 Market Place, Suite 522
San Ramon, CA 94583, USA


US: +1 (925) 236-3830
           (800) 253-8195
UK: +44 20 7993 8327

Technical Support:

Printable order form
Click to download order form. (RTF Format)