NCache Reviews & Customer Testimonials

NCache Testimonial

Bryan McMaster Grocery Outlet

Bryan McMaster

Software Development Manager

Grocery Outlet Inc.

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"NCache cuts application search times to a blink of an eye thanks to its powerful SQL-like cache search feature. Grocery Outlet stores can quickly review 1000's of items now and not waste any time.

Our intranet search was very slow, actually not doable with ASP.NET's InProc. With NCache, our search got us results in about 0.2 seconds."

Paul Kirkley Digital Spark

Paul Kirkley

Chief Technology Officer

Digital Spark

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"NCache is everything we need, flexible, scalable, easy to configure, it is excellent! It is everything we expected of it. We chose NCache with a long-term vision and not for a short-term win.

NCache delivers robust enterprise grade assurance and provides Digital Spark with the ability to make configuration changes without stopping the cache and adversely affecting data availability."

Martin Nygard Ryan Air

Martin Nygard

MIS Manager


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"It was vital for us to find a solution for session handling and storage. NCache is that solution because it lets us operate three sites, overflow traffic from one to another, and still maintain the same .NET sessions.

With three geographic data centers, a load balanced web farm of over 40 servers, Ryanair is handling 1.3 million daily visitors, 15.5 million page views and 30,000 orders per hour during peak times, all with the help of NCache."

Ronny Tuertscher Liebherr

Ronny Tuertscher

Software Engineer

Liebherr MCCtec

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"NCache is really great! Performance from write and read to NCache is excellent, plus it's easy to use and ideally suited for our needs to maintain scalability and high availability.

We use NCache to store data for maximum performance of our applications and we don't require a round trip to the SQL Server."

Stuart Miller Camp Minder

Stuart Miller

Chief Technology Officer


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"NCache enables us to achieve the desired level of fault tolerance in our caching mechanism, along with other benefits. In addition to ASP.NET Session State management, we are also able to host classic ASP Session State with NCache using a COM+ wrapper. This allows us to load balance our Classic ASP Applications, which we were unable to do before. Also, using the Locking mechanism NCache provides, we have been able to implement a distributed Concurrency Control without having to utilize our database.

The implementation of NCache required far less resources in terms of both time and money than designing our own multi-node distributed cache system. It provides critical fault tolerance we primarily required, plus we got some added benefits."