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Packages that use CacheException
com.alachisoft.jvcache.runtime.exceptions Defines user exception classes in JvCache 
com.alachisoft.jvcache.web.caching Defines classes for caching frequently used data in a cluster This includes the Cache class, a dictionary that allows you to store arbitrary data objects, such as hash tables and data sets. 

Uses of CacheException in com.alachisoft.jvcache.runtime.exceptions

Subclasses of CacheException in com.alachisoft.jvcache.runtime.exceptions
 class AggregateException
          This exception is thrown when multiple exceptions occur from multiple nodes.
 class ArgumentException
 class ArgumentNullException
 class ConfigurationException
          Thrown when an exception occurs during configuration.
 class ConnectionException
          Thrown whenever connection with cache server is lost while performing an operation on an outproc cache.
 class GeneralFailureException
          Thrown when an exception occurs during a clustered operation.
 class NotSupportedException
          Throws when a specific Item is not supported in JvCache Java Client
 class OperationFailedException
          Thrown whenever an API fails.
 class SecurityException
          Thrown when a user does not have the permissions to start/stop/initialize the cache.
 class StreamAlreadyLockedException
          StreamAlreadLockedException is thrown if stream is already locked.
 class StreamCloseException
          StreamCloseException is thrown if a write operation is performed on closed CacheStream
 class StreamException
          StreamException is thrown if any error occurs during operation on CacheStream.
 class StreamInvalidLockException
          StreamInvalidLockException is thrown if the current lock handle becomes invalid.
 class StreamNotFoundException
          StreamNotFoundException is thrown if a CacheStream is not found in the cache.

Uses of CacheException in com.alachisoft.jvcache.web.caching

Methods in com.alachisoft.jvcache.web.caching that throw CacheException
static Cache JvCache.initializeCache(java.lang.String cacheId)
          Initializes the cache based on the cacheid.
static Cache JvCache.initializeCache(java.lang.String cacheId, CacheInitParams initParams)
static Cache JvCache.initializeCache(java.lang.String cacheId, java.lang.String clientCacheId)
          Initializes the cache represented by the cache id.