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Add Caches

NOTE: This feature is not available in NCache Express and Professional edition.
All participating caches in the bridge can be added here based on bridge topology specified. Users can only add already created clustered caches. New cache creation facility is not allowed. The caches added under "Caches" will only give the read only view and user will not be able to change cache configuration from here.
Note: Before adding a cache in a bridge, you need to stop the cache if it is running.
"Add Clustered Cache Wizard" will appear with the list of available caches. Select a cache from the list and click 'Finish'.
Users are allowed to perform following operations on Caches added in a Bridge:
  • Make Active: It marks the cache as an active cache.
  • Remove: It removes the specific cache from the list.
  • Allow Client Connection: This option is only enabled on passive cache(s). It allows the cache to accept client connection until the bridge is not in a working state. Once the bridge is started, the cache will again come to passive mode.
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