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Clustered Session

You can quickly use clustered sessions in your existing ASP.NET applications without any code change and can immediately see a performance boost in your application. NCache provides high performance in-memory ASP.NET session clustering for web farms that is faster and more scalable than storing them in a database. It is faster because sessions are kept in memory and closer to the ASP.NET application. And, it is more scalable because sessions can be distributed to multiple servers in the farm that can better handle larger load than a database server.
With NCache, you can eliminate the need to use sticky sessions in your load balancer. This significantly improves your application scalability. NCache provides powerful dynamic clustering of sessions. You can replicate or distribute/partition sessions either locally on multiple web servers or on multiple dedicated session caching servers. NCache offers a rich set of features to grow you session clustering from small to large web farms.
In This Section
Presents reading and writing ASP.NET session data from and to an NCache cache through Session State Store Provider.
Describes using Location Affinity feature to maintain session state across different web farms on geographically separated locations.
Describes how locking works in NCache Session Store Provider.
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