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Cache Dependency

Caching can depend on several items which includes file, database table rows, query strings, and also other cached items. If you add an item to the Cache with a dependency, when the dependency changes, the item is automatically removed from the cache. You can add items with dependencies to your application's cache with the Add and Insert methods.
In This Section
Explains way to associate one cached item with another item in a cache.
Describes how to set the validity of a cache item based on an external file/files.
Describes how to set the aggregate dependency for a cache item.
Depicts how you can use custom dependencies by defining your own expiration logics.
Illustrates ways to synchronize two caches.
Represents keeping the cached items synchronized with the SQL database.
Represents keeping the cached items synchronized with the Oracle database.
Explains how you can maintain the cached items synchronized with any of the database.
Gives steps to enable SqlCacheDependency and DbCacheDependency in NHiberate.
Explains how to create DB dependencies with Caching application block.
See Also
Describes how certain cached items can be automatically removed from the cache when required.
Explains adding items in the cache with priority settings.
Describes performing bulk operations to add, insert or remove collection of items in a single method call. It helps speeding up the process and minimizes cluster traffic.
Presents distributing related objects in 'logical' groups.
Describes procedure of performing cache operations when security is enabled for NCache.
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