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View Cluster Statistics

You can monitor performance of a Cluster either through Performance Monitor (Microsoft Windows NT tool) or NCache Manager. To monitor a Cluster through NCache Manager, right click on the Cluster from 'NCache Management' tree and select 'Statistics' or 'Statistics in New Window' option from the context menu.
If you will select 'Statistics', a view will be opened in the right pane. On the other hand, selecting 'Statistics in New Window' will open a new window for statistics. In both cases, separate graphs will be shown for each node in the cluster. Similarly, you can also view statistics of individual nodes of the cluster by right click on server nodes.
You can select different parameters to be displayed in 'Cluster Performance Test Bed' to analyze cluster performance through 'Tools' -> 'Options' menu option.
For details of the counters, please visit Performance Counter page.
Note: It is suggested that do not turn on all the counters because it will slow down the service.
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