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Step 1: Register Compact Types with NCache

Configure the Cache
Create a Local Cache named "myCache" as follows:
  • Run NCache Manager.
  • Create a new project.
  • Create a new cache. Select following options from the New Cache Wizard:
  • Cache Node: It may be the current computer and may be some other if you want.
  • Cache name: myCache
  • Operation Timeout: 60 sec's (default)
  • Statistics Replication Interval: 600 sec (default)
  • Cluster Port: 8714
  • Maximum Size: 250 MB (default)
  • Eviction Policy: Priority based
  • Default Priority: Normal
  • Eviction Percentage: 5 (default) (In case of session it is recommended that turn off eviction)
  • Clean interval (sec.): 15
  • Verify that cache is running. For this, determine cache behavior by adding and removing objects from Statistics Window.
  • Clear the cache to make it ready for your application.
Registering the Compact Serializable Types
Perform the following steps to register your types with the configured cache:
  • Stop the Cache if it is running.
  • Click on the 'Compact Serialization' tab which will open up the following screen.
  • Click 'Add Types' button. A 'Select Compact Classes' dialog will appear.
  • Browse for the assembly file that contains the compact types by clicking 'Browse' button as shown in the figure.
  • Select the classes you want to register with the cache from the loaded classes list.
  • Press 'Add Class' button to add the classes in selected classes list.
  • Click 'Ok'.
  • Newly added types will start appearing in the list box under the 'Compact Serialization' tab having Compact Type and Platform information.
  • 'Remove' will delete the selected type from the registered types list.
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