Alachisoft NCache 4.1 - Online Documentation

Configuration Options

This section discusses various configuration options provided by NCache for both local and clustered caches.
In This Section
Discusses InProc and OutProc options for caches and highlights different scenarios in which both can be used.
Explains heart beat configuration option for clusters to detect connection breakage among the nodes of a cluster.
Explains Data Compression configuration option to minimize data traffic between cluster and client node.
Explains balancing data load among all nodes in a cluster.
Describes how to start cache(s) at the boot.
Discusses types of ports and default ports that NCache uses for communication.
Explains operation timeout option for configuration.
Explains client timeout configuration option for .NET and Java Clients.
Explains Client/Server Connection Retry configuration option.
Explains Client/Server Connection Timeout configuration option.
Describes what is nagling and how it can be helpful for improving the performance.
Describes how you can enable nodes in a cluster to establish two connections with every other node.
Describes how you can save error messages to a log file.
Explains statistics replication interval.
Describes specifying an upper limit on the size of the cache in MB
Explains evicting cache items when cache reaches maximum storage limit. It also presents various eviction schemes to choose from.
Depicts percentage of items to be removed on each eviction.
Describes periodic interval to remove expired items from cache.
Discusses options for transparently fetching and writing data to and from data sources.
Explains how you can make your application responsive to various cache events.
Depicts performance parameters that are used to analyze cluster performance.
Explains debugging counters and shows how to enable them for debugging purposes.
See Also
Explains NCache Manager which provides a GUI based cache configuration and lets you create and manage Local and Clustered Caches.
Describes configuring NCache light-weight Clients through client.ncconf file.
Helps enabling NCache security as well as to manage Node and API level security through security.ncconf file.
Explains configuring NCache Service.
Explains config.ncconf file that contains information regarding all registered caches/clusters.
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