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Bridge Conflict Resolver

NOTE: This feature is not available in NCache Express and Professional edition.
There are situations when a bridge tries to replicate an operation for a key that already exist in the cache.  Conflict Resolver is introduced to resolve the conflict between existing operations and operation replicated from bridge to the cache. It decides which key to apply on the cache depending upon defined rules. By default the decision will be made on “Time Based” rule, which keeps the latest key on a cache. Users can also define their own rules for conflict resolver.
Following section describes the required steps to enable Bridge Conflict Resolver.
In this section
Explains the API references and namespaces required for implementing Bridge Conflict Resolver.
Describes how you can enable Bridge Conflict Resolver through NCache Manager in few simple steps.
Explains implementation of IBridgeConflictResolver and list of methods required to be defined by the class implementing this loader.
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