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Debugging Counters

Debugging counters are installed for debugging purposes. These counters include:
  • Socket send time (sec): Time in milli seconds taken to send a request.
  • Socket send size (bytes): Bytes sent per second.
  • Socket recv time (sec): Time in milli seconds taken to receive a request.
  • Socket recv size (bytes): Bytes received per second.
  • Naggling msg count: How many messages were sent together in socket.send.
  • TcpUpQueueCount: Number of items in TCP up queue.
  • TcpDownQueueCount: Number of items in TCP down queue.
  • TcpdownEnter/sec:.
  • BCastQueueCount: Number of items in BCast Queue.
  • MCastQueueCount: Number of items in MCast Queue.
Debugging counters are disabled by default and can be enabled by adding following key-value pair in 'alachisoft.ncache.service.exe.config' file.
<key="EnableDebuggingCounters" value="true"/>
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