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Enabling Cache Startup Loader

NOTE: This feature is not available in NCache Express and Professional edition.
Configuring Startup Loader in NCache Manager:
To enable Cache Startup Loader, you need to implement ICacheLoader and specify it in the cache properties. NCache Manager provides an interface for specifying it under the cache properties. For Cache Startup Loader, follow these steps:
  1. From the start programs, launch NCache Manager.
  2. Open the project containing cache or cluster for which you want to configure the Cache Startup Loader.
  3. From the explorer, select the cache or cluster. In the right pane, cluster/cache view will be opened.
  4. From the view, select the Cache Loader tab.
  5. Check the Enable Cache-Startup Loader check box.
  6. Click Browse button and browse the Assembly that contains the class implementing ICacheLoader and then select class name from the list. The Assembly implementing ICacheLoader must contain the reference of Alachisoft.NCache.Runtime.dll.
  7. You can provide some additional parameters (like chunkSize etc.) if required.
  8. You can specify number of retries if any cache operation fails.
  9. You can also specify retry interval between each retry. This value is in sec's.
  10. Deploy the appropriate assemblies to the cache servers using the Deploy Cache Loader button on a same tab view.
For deployment details, please visit Deploying Cache Loader page.
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