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Evaluation Period Expiration & Extension

By default, when you install NCache, it is installed as an “Evaluation Copy” and is valid for 60 days only. At the end of this period, NCache will stop working.
Indications of NCache Being Expired
You will be able to notice that NCache evaluation period has been expired from the following places:
•  NCache API will no longer work. You won't be able to add or fetch items from the cache.
•  NCache Manager splash screen will show NCache evaluation period expired.
•  NCache Manager window title will show “Expired”.
•  NCache Manager HELP -> ABOUT dialog will show NCache has expired.
•  You won't be able to add an expired cache server to a cache cluster from NCache Manager.
•  You won't be able to start cache on an expired cache server.
Extending Evaluation Period
If any of the above happens, then its time for you to either purchase NCache licenses or if you need an extension to your evaluation period, you can get an “Extension Key” from Alachisoft Sales. Please send an email to (or to your account manager if you're already in touch with him/her) and ask for an extension key. You will be provided a 30-day extension key.
Once you have obtained the extension key, please run “Run Activate NCache License” program from "%Install Directory%/NCache/bin/NActivate" path. Below is a screenshot for the screen to be displayed. Please select “Extend evaluation period” option and then click Next button .
Once you have clicked Next button, you will see the next screen shown below. Here you have to enter extension key provided to you by Alachisoft Sales and then press Finish button. If this key is valid, you will be prompted with a Success message. If the key is not valid, you will be prompted accordingly.
Please note that a 30-day extension is valid from the original installation date and not from the day you are trying to extend. So, if you have been waiting for 15 extra days after the initial 60 day evaluation period to extend it, you'll only get 15 extra days extension.
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