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GUI Tool Overview

This section is about GUI based cache configuration. NCache Manager application provides you the facility to create clustered and local caches through its rich and user friendly interface. Using NCache Manager application, you can add or remove nodes from the cluster at runtime and can perform various other cache operations. It gives configuration options to configure caches explicitly. NCache Manager allows you to see rich statistics of the entire clustered cache from a single point.
NCache Manager is a central management system. User can administer all server nodes and client nodes activities from a single point. It also provides you the facility to monitor the performance counters of various caches. Moreover, NCache manager gives you an option to set security credentials for both server nodes and client nodes.
You can launch NCache Manager application from Start->Programs->NCache->NCache Manager menu option. The detail is given in next sections. The following screenshot gives you a complete look of NCache Manager.
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